USSR-born artist, Stacie Ant utilizes her experience interpreting the Western culture during her upbringing in Eastern Europe – where the West was both romanticized and frowned upon. Her ongoing journey as an eternal ex-patriot and an immigrant fuels her output on the grotesques of the surrounding world. Using video, installation and performance, Ant reinvents elements of modern culture through fictional, maximalist narratives. She often incorporates costumes, exaggerated makeup, composited scenery and 3D animation to emphasize the absurd nature of pop culture in a post internet era. Ant’s work offers a humorous way of looking at a fast paced digital realm through a place of irony and satire.

stacie ant, portrait, digital art


2016 - BFA in Integrated Media, Ontario College of Art and Design University, Toronto, Ontario

Selected Exhibitions

  • June 2017 - Diamonds + Thunderbolts, Trinity Square Video in collaboration with Toronto Animated Image Society, Toronto, Ontario
  • May 2017 – Intra Action, Xpace Cultural Centre, Toronto, Ontario
  • May 2017 - Augmented Cinema Film Festival, The Royal Cinema, Toronto, Ontario
  • October 2016 - AV Club Vol.1, Drake Hotel, Toronto, Ontario
  • September 2016 - Xpace Programming Launch, Xpace Cultural Centre, Toronto, Ontario
  • April 2016 - Next Exit Film Festival, Cinecycle, Toronto, Ontario
  • December 2015 - First Thursday, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Ontario
  • October 2015 - Halloween Show, 8-11 Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
  • September 2015 - Artcrawl, Luminal Spaces, Hamilton, Ontario
  • December 2014 - End of Year Show, Black Cat Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
  • April 2014 - Internet Show, UFO Gallery, Berkeley, California
  • January 2014 - By The Pound, Northern Contemporary, Toronto, Ontario
  • January 2014 - The Big Top, 99 Sudbury, Toronto, Ontario
  • January 2014 - Toronto Design Offset Festival, Narwhal Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

Curatorial Projects
October 2017 (forthcoming) Transcendence, Interaccess, Toronto, Ontario
March 2017 - Celebrity Worship, White House Studio Projects, Toronto, Ontario
September 2016 – Knightcore; a Mime’s Tale, Hamilton, Ontario
May 2015 - Post Human Rights Tribunal, White House Studio Projects, Toronto, Ontario
October 2014 - Tumblr. Hell, White House Studio Projects, Toronto, Ontario
December 2013 - We Came to Your Show, What’s Your Excuse?, Dovercourt House, Toronto, Ontario
April 2013 - Glitch: An Exhibition of Art by Stacie Ant, Wayla Bar, Toronto, Ontario

June 2017 – October 2017 Interaccess, Current Curator, Toronto, Ontario
February 2017- May 2017 Drake Hotel, Cultural Programming Intern, Toronto, Ontario
August 2013- March 2014 Northern Contemporary, Gallery Representative, Toronto, Ontario

March 2017 - April 2017 Toronto Animated Image Society
June 2016 - October 2016 Drake Hotel
August 2016 - October 2016 Xpace Cultural Centre

March 2017 – Ontario Arts Council - Exhibition Assistance Grant

May 2017- Prism Prize Award, Toronto, Ontario

June 2017 – ArtConnect Berlin
May 2017 – Xpace; Fundraiser Catalogue
September 2016 – The Drake Art Blog; Interview with Stacie Ant
April 2016 - Broke Magazine; Issue #2

Artist Talk
March 2017 – Toronto Animated Image Society, Toronto, Ontario

April 2017- June 2017- Artscape Youngplace, Sketch Artist Mentor/ Facilitator, Toronto, Ontario

Commissioned Visual Works
2017- Collectif NUDE (site specific event visuals), Toronto, Ontario
2017 - See Me Ride (music video), Jesse Futerman
2016 - Montréal (music video), Akage No Anne
2016 - Metal is Stronger than Flesh (music video), Aaron J Cunningham
2016 - Acid Bath (site specific event visuals), Toronto, Ontario
2016 - Sidetrack + Deep Gold (site specific event visuals) , Toronto, Ontario